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Hello viewers, i will use this opportunity to preach the word to you, because it is written that the son of man will come again and take up his beloved, and after this satan will rule the earth and anybody on earth by then will suffer greatly, but if you go up with Jesus you will enjoy many things, because up there there is no cry, no sickness, no death, no sorrow, it is such a nice place to be. but before you can get there you have to be born again by the holy spirit. if you are touched by this message, kindly pray along with me. Lord jesus i accept you as my lord today come and take control of my life. For full details, click here

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Hi,my name is victor kolawole, i was born into the family of mr&mrs kolawole. My birth in this family claims me the second position. I am an indigen of Abeokuta, Ogun State.

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I love playing football very well i started schooling in oluwarotimi nur/pry school Akure Ondo state in the year 1992. I normally thought in my mind that someday i will be playing for one of the club in europe, because my favorite player is Kaka of A.c Milan while my best and Favorite team is ARSENAL F.C and am proud to be a gunners. I will enjoin all the people that go through my site to join gunners because they are the best in europe and continue to be the best

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Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!