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these are the words

Here i will tell you more about christ. Long time ago God and Man was friend, and God put man in the best garden ever which was Eden, you can see the full details in the book of genesis in chapter 3 of it, the name of the first man is Adam and he have authority over everything, he can get all what he desires but when God sees that the man do not have a suitable partner he provides for him A woman who is eve so that she can be his best partner, But after satan saw that everything was good, he now decieve the woman to do what God has commmanded them not to do and that was the fruit God has them not to eat. After she ate part of it she gave it to her husband which he ate also, after this God was angry with them and chase them out of the garden. That is the beginning of suffering. But God has a great plan for man and also because of his love for us he now look and said that he need to redeem his people from darkness, he now said that who can i send to redeem this people? nobody answers only JESUS answers and God give him the power to do so. that is why Jesus die for us. when he was in the world he did many miracles and when he was going, he told his apostles that he is going to prepare a place for us in heaven so that we can be with him up there where there is no cry, no more suffering, such a wonderfull place to be. only for me and you to believe him.
                 After i think of this i now see that all that jesus commanded us not to do is for my own sake, because when he says that we should not steal, if we steal and we are caught you will end up in prison where you will be hang. so all this are for our own benefits. so my brothers and sisters i will advise you to give your life for christ. if you will then pray this prayer with me.LORD JESUS I HAVE ACCEPT YOU AS MY PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR COME AND TAKE TOTAL CONTROL OF MY LIFE. I PROMISE NOT TO SIN AGIAN AND AGAIN BECAUSE I KNOW THAT IT IS BECAUSE OF ME YOU DIE ON THE CROSS, FATHER ACCEPT ME AS YOUR SON TODAY, THANK YOU FATHER AMEN